Meghan Markle, the object of Prince Harry's affection, will do quite well as part of part of the British Royal Family. That is the belief of Michael James Tindall, husband of Zara Phillips.

Zara is the he second-eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II. Mike Tindall has never met Markle, but he knows exactly what it is like to be subjected to public scrutiny. He went through the same phase when he cemented his relationship with the second child and only daughter of Anne, Princess Royal.

The former English rugby player noted that the lengthy amount of time that the “Suits” actress has been in the limelight will be an immense help to her adjustment period.

Prince Harry himself has introduced his ladylove to his family and helped acclimatize Markle to royal life.

Prince Harry’s romantic gesture

Prince Harry, who turns 33 on September 15, recently brought Markle to Africa for a safari vacation to mark her 36th birthday. Their trip sent the gossip mill into overdrive. Many fans speculated on whether the British royal would propose to the American actress.

The second son born from the highly publicized marriage of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer has had his share unruly moments and questionable incidents. Prince Harry has gotten backlash from royal watchers from all over the world for his misdeeds.

With the passage of the years, Prince Wiiliam’s younger sibling had outgrown his wild ways, and became serious with his royal responsibilities.

Today, he is able to look back and happily state that he has met many fantastic people along the way. One of them happened to be Meghan Markle.

Compassion for others

Markle and Harry have common denominators. Both have extensively travelled and have actively engaged in humanitarian activities. It is interesting to note that Prince Harry has followed the footsteps of his mother in moving forward with genuine compassion for others.

As for being a good fit in the British royals' lifestyle and missions, Mike Tindall underscored that Markle will do exceptionally well. Joining the British royals brings with it constant contact with the monarch herself – Queen Elizabeth II – and other high-profile celebrities, including Kate Middleton,Prince William, Prince Charles and his family.

The principal members of the Royal household are known to vary in temperament. There is a lot of history. The Telegraph UK edition reported that it can be, in Mike Tindall’s description, “nerve-racking.” Meghan Markle does not seem to be the type to balk at the challenge.