Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump is reportedly set to open her newest store at the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

According to Fortune, the first daughter will open a store inside Trump Tower located along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The news came out after a tweet from a reporter showing photos of the store sign, saying that it is set to open in the fall of 2017.

The tweet and photo came from Annie Karni, a correspondent from the White House, another report on The Huffington Post stated.

The article noted that it is still not clear what type of products will be sold at Ivanka Trump’s store, except for a sign that says it is going to open this year.

Representatives of the brand also reportedly refused to provide further details.

As seen in the photo, the apparent logo of the store is the same logo seen in Ivanka Trump’s online pages, web pages, and brand images.

Still a businesswoman

Despite her new job as part of her father’s White House team, the first daughter is still a businesswoman after all.

The Huffington Post noted that though she stepped down from the company she manages as soon as President Donald Trump’s inauguration last January, her brand still remained in the retail spaces. The location of her rumored upcoming store is inside a building that their family also owns.

The upcoming store reportedly will represent her presence into brands and retail.

Back in 2007, Fortune reported that she once opened a fine jewelry boutique in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, before relocating to the SoHo district. The jewelry shop reportedly closed around two years ago.

Back in 2013, the same brand opened a store location in a classy mall in Beijing, but was short lived and eventually shut down as well, Fortune continued.

The website also added that the jewelry brand faded, and transformed into a brand that sells affordable items.

The Nordstrom snub

The Huffington Post also reported that Nordstrom dropped one of the lines of the presidential daughter, and other retailers followed.

Some other retailers that snubbed Ivanka Trump’s line were Neiman Marcus, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, the article noted further.

Her father, Donald Trump tweeted Nordstrom and defended her daughter by saying that it treated Ivanka “so unfairly.” He added that his daughter is a great person.

Consumers and followers of the brand are hoping that the new store at Trump Tower would last longer, unlike at the previous branches and locations.