A CNN journalist took to 4Chan, an anonymous messaging site, to explain how the channel has been manipulating news stories to devalue President Donald Trump’s administration. The reporter, who quit the network last week, said that CNN Money created a false narrative about healthcare stats in May.

Here’s what happened in May

On May 24, Congressional Budget Office (CBO), along with Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), released a statement that an estimated 51 million people below 65 years would be uninsured in 2026. This statement released by the CBO is not true, and it was fabricated by the channel to devalue the American Healthcare Act of 2017, the reporter said.

The former CNN reporter, who has now gone rogue, said that the news channel began manipulating these statements way back in March. The team, which comprised 12 writers, worked for two weeks (between March 4 and March 11) to establish the initial connections between the news channel and the CBO and JCT. The reporter also revealed that the writers who were involved in this anti-Trump campaign were former contractors of the justice department during the Obama administration.

CNN's anti-Trump timetable

CNN is planning another “destructive campaign” of the healthcare system, the reporter said. Giving a blow-by-blow account of CNN’s modus operandi, the journalist revealed that the channel has an anti-Trump timetable.

The channel focuses on healthcare on Mondays, White House gossip on Tuesdays, Russia collusion on Wednesdays, and discrimination on Thursdays. Fridays are a free day.

How CNN traps White House staff

The former CNN reporter admitted that the journalists set up traps for white house staff on the pretext of assisting in a media campaign that they may accept.

The reporters would then come up with a series of off-topic and light-hearted questions to bait them into answering. On Tuesdays, the team scrutinizes every tiny detail of a White House press release, staff statements and, at times, even fabricate sources.

A desperate attempt to tie Trump with Russia

Wednesdays at CNN are meant for Russia collusion stories, where a dedicated team reviews Russian contacts.

Besides the desperate search for some kind of Russia connection with Trump, the team also scrutinizes construction reports about Trump properties across the world. They look into names and backgrounds of close real-estate authorities and their relations with the Trump Organization. The journalist further added that CNN might release the findings in November.

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