Ivanka Trump is allegedly so unhappy in Washington, D.C. that she may return to private life in New York City. A new report sheds light on how the first daughter is really doing since being in the political spotlight. In a "60 Minutes" interview after the election, Ivanka claimed that she wasn't going to get involved in her father's political world and remain a private citizen. All of that changed when her husband, Jared Kushner, was selected by Donald to be his senior adviser in the White House.

Washington isn't agreeing with Ivanka?

Ivanka isn't taking too well to Washington, D.C.

, and displeasure is more apparent now that Kushner is under FBI investigation for possible communications with the Russians that may have compromised the 2016 presidential election. Sources tell Politico that Ivanka Trump "isn't sold on life in Washington." She and Kushner intend to assess their lives every six months and make a determination based off of that. Will they stay in Washington or move back to NYC?

Jared Kushner miserable

As for Kushner, two associates that have spoken with him say he's unhappy and "miserable" for a host of reasons, with the main one being he hasn't been able to accomplish what he's wanted to under his father-in-law. He keeps hoping that the scandals and shakeups that have come to shape Trump's administration will blow over, but he's not fully convinced that that will occur.

Kushner has confided in friends that he hasn't made Washington a long-term commitment. He and Ivanka Trump rent a mansion in Washington, which keeps their option to return to New York open. It's believed that Jared has no plans to leave Washington despite being the central focus of an investigation over his association with Russian operatives.

He reportedly proposed a back-channel connecting the Trump campaign with the Russians back in December. It's entirely possible that he could be faced with charges of espionage if the probe finds enough evidence against him, ex-CIA and current White House counsel Donald McGahn says.

Sources say Ivanka and Jared are upset by the intense scrutiny, calling it unfair.

When Ivanka was asked if she'd ever consider her own political career, she simply replied that it's a tough business. During her time in Washington, Ivanka has been criticized for not having more influence over her father.

Ivanka and Jared not giving up just yet

For now Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner plan to stick it out in D.C., but the guarantee that they'll remain there is shaky at best. Will they eventually abandon their roles at the White House and return to the private lives they relished in New York?