Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in late Friday, causing $40 billion damage, according to CNN. More than $20 billion is in the Houston area. Emergency services are dismantling the rubble and removing the trees from the roads, but a strong wind makes this process difficult.

Consequences of the historical disaster

Hundreds of buildings were ruined, and communication services were broken because of strong winds and flooding, New York Times reported. On Sunday, Air National Guard and Army National Guard sent military vehicles to help local governments in removing the consequences of the disaster.

More than 3,000 national and state guard troops made all the necessary recovery efforts. The US Coast Guard provided five helicopters and 40 additional boats to Houston, to find out if any residents need help.

Residents also started removing the fallen trees, mess, and garbage from the streets. The huge trees were torn up by the roots and hit the roofs of the houses, many light buildings were destroyed by the strong winds (62 miles per hour). According to experts, about 232,721 homes on the coast are in danger.

In Houston, one man managed to catch a fish in his own house. Saul Saldana opened the entrance door after his house was flooded, and one fish swam inside. His daughter made a video of the fishing hole home and shared it on social media.

The officials' response to the damage

National Weather Service stated that the death toll raised by five. It predicted that some parts of Texas will receive 50 inches of rain by the end of the weekend, which will be the new historical record for the state, the Washington Post reported.

Authorities warned the residents to be careful, stay indoors, and not to drive along flooded roads.

Some locals crafted their own boats and kayaks to help the people who were in trouble. "I can tell you I have a very bad feeling and that's about it," said Mayor Charles Buja.

On Friday evening, Donald Trump signed a special declaration to give all the necessary rights for the rescue organizations for their missions. He tweeted that he is closely monitoring the situation and warned the residents to be safe.

President Trump noted that he was very much satisfied with the rescue operations and praised everyone from the emergency organizations who worked for rescue in Texas. Trump met the administration officials and his Cabinet to discuss the federal response to the destruction, ABC News reported. He plans to visit Texas on Tuesday.