From her father’s campaign to assuming office at the White House, Ivanka Trump has been seen as a monumental figure in the presidency of Donald Trump. But an article in the Independent UK pointed out that the presidential daughter is allegedly “part of the problem” more than being “part of the solution.”

In a piece written by Eugene Robinson in the Independent, Ivanka Trump has been criticized for allegedly having a lack of influence and lack of experience.

The criticisms

Robinson wrote that the President's decision to bar transgenders from serving the army is one example of Ivanka's lack of influence.

The daughter is reportedly surprised by her father's decision and said in the report that she just learned of it via Twitter.

President Donald Trump recently announced via Twitter that transgender people will be banned from serving in the military, The Guardian reported. The ban was apparently because the military has been burdened with medical costs by transgender service members and the White House seeks to cut on these costs.

There were also alleged inconsistencies with Ivanka Trump, as pointed out in the Independent. The report shared one of her tweets that stated how proud she was to support the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ Americans “who have made immense contributions” to the country - yet she is silent of the military ban.

Lack of experience

Aside from being accused for having lack of influence, the presidential daughter was also lambasted for her alleged “nepotism.”

Robinson pointed out Ivanka's alleged nepotism as she holds an office in the White House, and is present in meetings at the highest level. The writer noted that Trump's daughter seems to be lacking the qualities necessary in developing government policies, noting that the White House is home to smart individuals.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump’s daughter remains a champion of women’s rights such as paid family leave. Robinson wrote that Ivanka could play a role to hold the President accountable for his decisions regarding the LGBTQ community.

The better side

She also reportedly advocates a national program to make sure that family leave is paid, which she described as investing in the working families in the United States, the Independent added.

Robinson further continued by saying that the President's daughter is clearly seen as the "socially acceptable" face of her father's brand. Along with her husband Jared Kushner, the writer pointed out that she has been identified with progressive social views.