Bullying has become rampant across schools in the United States. Its effects are such that school kids have been driven to take their own life after suffering tremendous amounts of bullying. Many schools have taken up counseling sessions and other interactive programs to ensure that bullying is nipped in the butt. However, even with all of these initiatives, suicides due to bullying have been increasing, forcing some to turn to unconventional means to stop it.

Bikers against bullying of student

An Indiana biker’s club has come up with a new method in which they think bullying can be prevented.

A group of bikers escorted 11-year old Phil Mick to his school, after the child complained that he faced severe bullying. Phil’s mother, Tammy Mick, claimed that the bike ride was the first time that she had seen her kid smile after a very long time.

Tammy said that Phil had been bullied continuously for the last two years in his elementary school. The bullies had called him ‘fat’ and had even insulted him. Some of them were known to hit Phil in his private parts. After having endured these abuses for a long time, Phil had one day confessed to his mother that he wanted to end his life.

Tammy revealed that she had noticed bruises on Phil’s body several times before. Whenever she asked her son what had happened, Phil would say that he had fallen or had an accident.

One day, Phil broke down and confessed that he was being bullied and all the other kids called him poor. The boy’s self esteem was also damaged due to these repeated insults even though his mother tried to make him see what a good-hearted boy he was.

How the bikers came to Phil’s rescue

In December, the Mick’s met with the director of a local biker club, Brent Warfield.

Warfield quickly became friends with the family and even gifted Phil a bicycle on Christmas. Tammy revealed the bullying that her son faced to Warfield, which led the two to hatch out a plan.

Warfield decided to take matters into his own hand to ensure that Phil does not suffer the same bullying that he did last year. So, he sent out word over Facebook to all his biker friends to come and support his biker against bullying initiative and escort Phil to school on his first day.

His message was received positively by many and soon a whole group had formed, who escorted Phil to his school. The bikers wanted to show everyone at school that Phil too had friends and people that cared about him.