Award-winning LGBT and anti-bullying activist Dan Savage used his "Savage Love" podcast to launch a vile, expletive-laden verbal attack on First Lady Melania Trump this week.

Even Donald Trump hates Melania, insists Savage

Savage opened this week's podcast by saying that he wanted to talk about "someone I hate," adding, "I have got to get this off my chest, I f---ing hate Melania Trump." Savage then said that he's not alone in his loathing for Melania. "Odds are good her husband hates her, too," spouted Savage.

During Savage's latest weekly podcast, he expressed disgust at liberals who view Melania Trump as a sympathetic figure -- a princess in a tower kept locked up by an "orange ogre with the bad combover." He continued his rant by referring to the First Lady as a birther who pushes racist conspiracy theories, a plagiarist, and an immigrant who is "ugly on the inside."

Savage is like Howard Stern, but without the funny

The Seattle-based talk show host has built a career upon a firm foundation of crude remarks and confrontation -- with some voter fraud thrown in, just for good measure. In 2006 he railed against Pennsylvania Senate candidate Carl Romanelli, telling the University of Pennsylvania student newspaper that Romanelli should be "dragged behind a pickup truck" and that Romanelli should "go f--k himself." During a 2011 appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher," Savage stated, "I wish the Republicans were all f---ing dead." In 2000, while he was employed as a contributor, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of fraudulent voting in a caucus.

He was sentenced to one year of probation and 50 hours of community service.

However, Dan Savage's true claim to fame stems from his feud with former Pennsylvania senator and 2016 presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. It was Savage who turned Santorum's last name into a famously disgusting term used by the LGBT community referring to the by-product of a certain sexual act.

Nevertheless, Savage is upheld as a role model to liberal America; he is the founder of the anti-bullying It Gets Better Project, and in 2013 The American Humanist Association awarded him "Humanist of the Year" for his work with the LGBT community.