An 82-year-old Man was found dead inside an elevator almost a month after he got stuck inside and pushed the alarm button twice. Residents at another Denver apartment building complained about a foul odor coming from the elevator, leading to authorities discovering the dead man’s decomposed body.

The man was identified as Isaak Komisarchik. He was reported missing in July and authorities said that he was not discovered in time even though he pressed the emergency alarm twice. Before he went missing, Komisarchik already showed signs of dementia which is likely the reason he got lost.

Police investigating why no one saved elderly man

The officials have now launched an investigation as to why no one responded to the Elderly man who called for help twice, People reported. Denver Fire Department spokesman Capt. Greg Pixley said in a statement that something was not right because people were no longer using the elevator as the parking garage where it was located was under renovation.

Other reports said that the elevator was already inoperable but authorities checked it and it was working. MEI Total Elevator Solutions, which is responsible for operating the elevator, received a call when the old man pressed the emergency alarm. Apparently, the company notified the apartment building’s management and they deployed individuals to check on the elevators.

The Elevator Car where the man was trapped was however not checked by workers, People reported.

A spokesperson for the apartment complex’s management extended their condolences to the family and friends of the elderly man. They said they are saddened by the loss of life.

Komisarchik last seen heading towards leasing office

According to The Washington Post, Komisarchik was last seen in the parking lot of the apartment building.

He first went to his mailbox then headed to the leasing office. After that, he went missing and no one saw or heard from him over the following days, which later turned to weeks. His family posted posters and distributed fliers in hopes of finding him.

The residents at another apartment building near where the man lived were the ones who complained about the foul odor coming from the parking lot.

Authorities said Komisarchik got inside the elevator car but the reason for this remains unknown.

Family speaks about elderly who died

A relative of Komisarchik said they are having a difficult time talking about him as the elderly man had a great sense of humor and loved to tell jokes and write poems, which were reportedly in Russian. Another relative said they are still coming to terms with his death.