Latin Times recently reported that the son of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has threatened to launch attacks aimed at the White House. The 27-year-old son of Maduro, Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra reportedly responded to a statement made by United States president Donald Trump regarding the Venezuela crisis.

According to the article, Trump said he will send military forces to the Latin country, should the crisis escalate. Guerra reportedly did not like his statements and the son of the Venezuelan leader said he will attack the White House with rifles.

President Nicolás Maduro's son also reportedly stated that the rifle attack will push through if US President Donald Trump sends his army. Guerra responded to the messages by Trump, where he affirmed that he will not rule out a "military option" for Venezuela, Latin Times stated.

Maduro’s son added that their citizens and their people are not used to war, and it is not what they want. Guerra even mistakenly said that the president’s office is in New York, the report noted.

Trump’s comments

During the on-going crisis in the South American nation, the Trump administration has already issued sanctions against the country. Some of the sanctions reportedly include bans on exporting goods such as oil, border regulations, and limitations in doing business with neighboring countries.

In an earlier statement by the United States president, he said that the administration has several other options for Venezuela, the report added. The US leader mentioned that there are many people suffering from the crisis. It was earlier reported that the months-long crisis in the region has brought hunger, inflation, malnutrition, and poverty.

Maduro’s son

In the photos shown by Latin Times, the son of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro physically resembled his father. Wearing a blue polo shirt, he was seen walking before a session that was held in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

Guerra was born in 1990 and has also been part of his country’s politics since his father became president.

According to Latin Times, he is part of a presidential team that oversees the policies that Maduro executes for the nation. He was accused of nepotism, the news article further noted.

As the protests in the South American nation go on, there are reports of several people dying, and some Venezuelans feeding on garbage found along the streets.