Horror master Stephen King has retaliated against President trump's ban on Twitter and has blocked Trump from seeing his new films IT and Mr. Mercedes. On Friday King responded to being blocked by President Trump in June and tweeted, " I am hereby blocking him from seeing IT and MR. MERCEDES. No clown for you, Donald. Go float yourself."

It is unclear at this time how a ban is possible seeing both films at this time.

King has been outspoken against trump beginning in 2015 and has made it very clear he does not like him. He has questioned Trump about everything from his mental stability to his response to the deadly protests in Virginia. It wasn't until June that King discovered that Trump had blocked him on twitter. King is not the only person who has outspoken against Trump and were blocked. It has brought questions if it constitutional for a President to block voters in the new era of social media or is it a violation of free speech.

Free speech

In the new era of social media, many people have questioned if a president has a right to block critics who speak out against him.

President Trump has taken politics to a new level in the United states using Twitter as a platform for politics.No president in history has ever done that before bringing so much controversy. Even though President Obama was the first president ever to have a Twitter account he didn't use it in the same manner as Trump or blocked constituents.

The Knight First Amendment Institute has filed a lawsuit against President and his staff claiming the President's Twitter is a public forum.They believe it a violation of the Constitution.and against the law. Before filing the lawsuit, the Knight First Amendment wrote a letter to the White House voicing their concern about the right to free speech.

Jameel Jaffer, Director of the First Knights, told NPR, "I don't even think it's arguable." Jaffer continued to state,: It is the most important social media account operated by the U.S government or a U.S government official right now. And it is operated in order to get President Trump's opinions about government policy to Americans and to the world," Jaffer said.

Stephen King

Stephen King is an American author who has sold over 350 million books in his career. His books have been adapted to television, film, comic books.

He has written over 200 short stories and also writes under the name of Richard Bachman. King has won numerous awards for his stories and includes the Bram Stokers, British Fantasy Society Awards, and the World Fantasy Awards. In many of his stories, he uses his home state of Maine as the setting for his books. He believes that to be a writer one must dedicate four to six hours a day to the art.

King's first book was a short story named "The Glass Floor" in 1967. His first film from a book was Carrie in 1976 which shot him to fame. More than 40 of his books and short stories have been made into film and more are in production for 2018. His newest movie "IT" is scheduled to be in movie theaters in September.

The movie is long awaited and was an original t.v mini series in 1990. His story Mr. Mercedes is a TV series that airs on the Audience channel owned by AT&T.

In recent years King has become more involved in politics in 2008 when he opposed a bill in Massachusetts that would ban the sale of violent video games to people under 17. In 2014 endorsed Sheena Bellows for U.S Senate from Maine.His involvement with politics is continuing to grow.