A California teacher and her husband went to Barcelona for their honeymoon but the romantic trip shortly turned into a nightmare. The husband was one of those killed in the recent Terror Attack.

The husband and wife, identified as 42-year-old Jared Tucker and 40-year-old Heidi Nunes-Tucker, were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Initially, Nunes-Tucker reported her husband as missing but his family later confirmed that he was among those killed in the deadly truck attack earlier this week, NBC News reported.

Couple saved up for the trip

The two did not have their honeymoon right after they got married. Tucker’s sister, Tina Luke, said that they had to save up to go to Barcelona. The family of Tucker received a text message from Nunes-Tucker confirming that one of the bodies at the morgue belonged to her husband.

The photo of Tucker and Nunes-Tucker being used in different reports was taken an hour before the attack.

How Tucker, Nunes-Tucker lost each other during attack

According to Nunes-Tucker, she and her husband were having drinks at a patio in the tourist street of La Rambla when he told her he was going to the bathroom. Minutes later, she heard screaming and yelling. She noted that she got pushed inside a souvenir kiosk and stayed there to hide.

Nunes-Tucker said she did see a photo circulating online showing a man that appeared to look like her husband. In the photo, the man looked very injured and was being helped by another person wearing a black shirt.

A total of 13 people were killed in the attack after a truck driver plowed through the crowd. More than 100 people were injured.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for this attack.

The Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, announced on Friday that an American was one of those killed in the terror attack but did not confirm the victim’s identity. It is unknown what the arrangements are to get Tucker’s body back in the United States.

People back home saddened over the loss

Tucker has been working with his father, Daniel, at their pool business since he was 16 that is why a lot of people know the younger Tucker. Daniel said in a statement that all customers loved his son. One of the employees of Daniel also said that the death of Tucker is a big loss and he has left a big hole in the community, U.S. News shared.

Other terror attacks after deadly Barcelona attack

There were other terror attacks that took place after the truck plowed through the crowd in Barcelona. Police reportedly killed a total of five people wearing bomb belts at a seaside resort in Cambrils, which is located 60 miles southwest of Barcelona. Another attack took place in Alcanar, which was an explosion that killed one person. Authorities believe these are all connected to the Barcelona terror attack earlier.