Bay Area resident Heidi Nunes is trying desperately to find her husband 34-year-old Jared Tucker after he went missing when a van plowed through pedestrians in La Rambla in Barcelona, killing 14 and injuring more than 100 people. Nunes was in Europe with her husband to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Couple gets split up during Barcelona terror attack

As reported by Nbc Bay Area, the couple, who hail from Walnut Creek, California, had first visited Paris and Venice before arriving in Barcelona. Nunes said they had been walking in the La Rambla shopping district at the time of Thursday’s incident.

While she looked at some jewelry, her husband went into a restaurant to use the bathroom.

It was moments later that the van, driven by an ISIS-backed terrorist, sped down La Rambla, zigzagging through pedestrians in the popular tourist spot. Nunes told NBC News that the next thing she knew everyone was yelling and screaming. She said she was pushed inside the kiosk where she was shopping and that she hid there while people were running by and screaming. Nunes said eventually police came along and told them to evacuate, but she had no idea where Tucker was.

Online photo appears to show missing husband

According to Nunes, she hasn’t been able to find Tucker since the attack, but said she had seen a photo circulating online which seems to show her husband.

He appeared to be injured and was being given assistance by a stranger. Nunes gave NBC a photo which was taken in La Rambla shortly before they became separated, showing the couple enjoying themselves. She explained that the clothing he was wearing in the image is what he would be wearing now and said she hopes the photo will give a clue and that someone will recognize him.

Nunes said she was at a place where victims of the attack were being listed, but that the details do not seem to be quickly updated, so she had reached out to the U.S. Embassy in Spain for assistance.

She said she intends to drive to hospitals in the area in an attempt to find Tucker.

As reported by the New York Daily News, the U.S. State Department had confirmed that a U.S. citizen had sustained minor injuries in the Terror Attack, but no name was released. It is unknown if that citizen was Tucker.

Other U.S. citizens have spoken to NBC Bay Area, including Caroline Bet Adam of San Jose. She is currently in Barcelona on vacation and said she had gotten off a bus shortly after the terror attack and saw people running and screaming. However, while her family was shaken by the incident, they are safe. Isaura Ochoa, another resident of the Bay Area, told reporters he is currently studying abroad and was a few blocks from the scene of the terror attack.

Ochoa said suddenly people started running and everything seemed to get out of control. He saw many people running into a store to take shelter.

Four people in custody relating to Barcelona attack

According to the latest reports, four people have been taken into custody relating to the terror incident but the driver of the van responsible for the attack is yet to be found. As reported earlier, five people wearing fake suicide belts were shot and killed Friday morning in Cambrils.

In that incident six people were injured, including three police officers. Spanish people say the two incidents were related.