A Couple refused to pay their Wedding Photographer $125 more on top of the initial amount they talked about. Because of the negative attention that the couple caused the Texas-based photographer, a jury awarded $1 million to her, which the couple was ordered to pay.

The photographer sued the couple, saying that they publicly shamed her on social media, which in turn ruined her business as many sympathized with the then-newlyweds.

Jury’s decision explained

The couple in question was identified as Neely and Andrew Moldovan while the photographer was identified as Andrea Polito.

Per the court documents, Neely and Andrew took to social media to knowingly post false information against Polito.

The lawsuit was filed in 2015 and claimed that the couple engaged in a “Smear Campaign” in order to hurt her business. The Moldovans also reportedly said that they were sure her “business is done.” After concluding that the couple acted with malice, the jury found the couple liable for defamation and disparagement and civil conspiracy, NBC News reported.

What happened between couple and photographer

Neely and Andrew hired Polito, who owned Andrea Polito Photography, Inc. in 2014. After the wedding, Polito asked for an additional $125 for them to get their wedding album. The couple refused, noting that they already paid thousands for Polito’s service and claiming that the extra $125 was not part of the package they talked about.

Polito’s office manager also reportedly told the couple their album will be forfeited if they do not pay the $125 charge. Many sympathized with the couple who said that it was sad that the photographer was withholding their photos since these are their memories.

Polito answered back but not through an interview. She said in an email that the extra $125 charge was part of the package.

Later, Andrew said in a statement that they just wanted to have their album and did not want Polito’s business to be ruined. The Washington Post reported that Polito later closed her studio because her business dried up after the smear campaign by the bride and groom. She used up her savings and retirement funds after closing her business.

Polito’s lawyer reacts

The lawyer of Polito, Dave Wishnew, said that Texas has one of the strongest laws in the nation that protects “individuals who air legitimate grievances and opinions.” The attorney for the Moldovans, T. Chase Garrett, did not comment yet. It is unclear if they will appeal the jury’s decision.

Polito, on the other hand, said that she walked around her daughter’s school feeling ashamed after the social media postings against her. Now, people know the truth and she feels like she has won.