Taylor Swift is in the clear. Due to lack of evidence, a judge trashed the lawsuit that was filed against the popstar by a former DJ who is on trial for allegedly grabbing Taylor’s ass.

Taylor Swift takes witness stand in Denver

The “Style” singer took the Witness Stand on Thursday to testify against former KYGO DJ David Mueller. Mueller is on trial for allegedly grabbing Swift’s ass on a meet and greet event in June 2013. In her testimony, Swift firmly reiterated that the former DJ deliberately slipped his hand up her skirt to grab her but cheek.

In her testimony, Swift narrated that when she first felt a hand on her bottom, she thought there was just a mistake. To rectify the situation, the singer remembered trying to move aside to get rid of the misplaced hand hopefully. But the singer recalled that the hand which belonged to KYGO former DJ Mueller stayed latched on the cheek of the singer’s ass. The “Bad Blood” singer boldly remarked that she was not allowing anybody to manipulate her into believing that she is the reason why Mueller lost his job.

The former KYGO DJ firmly denied Swift’s groping allegations and sued the singer, including her mother, and radio handler for a $3 million compensation for ruining his career. In a countersuit, Taylor Swift demanded a $1 claim and took treated the circumstance as a chance to stand up for the rights of women.

Denver Judge dismissed lawsuit against Taylor Swift

On Friday, August 11, U.S. District Judge William Martinez rejected the legal Case filed by former DJ David Mueller against Taylor Swift.

According to Washington Post, the case against the “Style” singer was dismissed due to insufficient evidence. Judge Martinez ruled out Mueller’s accusations that the popstar was responsible for him getting fired from his job.

The case was tried in in front of an eight-person jury in Denver.

The same jury will convene again on Monday to decide on Mueller’s accusations that Andrea Swift, Taylor’s mother, and Frank Bell, Taylor’s radio promotions representative who phoned the former DJ’s boss to report his improper behavior, were also responsible for getting him fired.

Judge Martinez believed that while it was true that Andrea testified against Mueller for allegedly groping the singer, Taylor was not to blame since all she did wads confide in her mother.

The judge is convinced that Taylor had no hand in the decision to contact KYGO and report Mueller’s bad behavior. People magazine says Taylor was spotted dabbing her eyes with a tissue while looking relieved after hearing the Judge’s decision.