Chandler Police have arrested three individuals in connection with a shooting incident. The shooting occurred at a Gas Station in Chandler, Arizona, and left two bystanders injured.

What unfolded?

Chandler Police Department received various calls on Monday, July 31, reporting a shooting at a gas station on the Riggs road at around 7.15 PM, Fox News reported. The police officials left for the location immediately and on reaching there received information that the suspects had already fled the scene. The officials took the details of the suspect’s car and headed out in the same direction as the suspects.

The dispatcher at the police department received a call at around 7.30 PM. He was alerted that a suspect was driving a white passenger car while pointing a gun. The suspect was reported to be traveling toward north Arizona and German road. The officers were moving toward the suspect’s location when they finally tracked the vehicle at Arizona and Pecos road.

Once the cops zoned in on the suspects, they started shooting at the officers from the car itself. This led to the cops chasing them and the pursuit ended at the Gila River Indian Community. The chase ended at least a mile south on Hunt Highway on State Route 587. The officers took all three suspects into custody.

Officers did not shoot back even after being shot at

None of the officers of the Chandler Police Department were injured during the shooting. Additionally, not a single officer fired back at any of the three suspects despite being shot at. While the police were unhurt, two bystanders were left injured. One of them was shot at the Valero gas station, and the other victim was injured near Arizona Avenue and PecRoadoad.

The police are yet to comment or shed any light on the severity of the injuries sustained by the victims during the shooting. However, both the victims are now safe. Officers are investigating the incident and questioning the three suspects in order to understand the motive behind the shooting.

History of firearms violence in the United States

Firearms violence has become one of the major crimes in the USA and has been claiming hundreds of lives prematurely each year. Suspects who are known for causing firearms violence are arrested and then prosecuted by the law enforcement. They face criminal charges for putting others’ lives in danger and could be convicted to serve jail time. The rise of the gun culture in the country is worrying and steadily on the rise.