On Tuesday, in Virginia, a college student was ordered to spend 100 days in jail for submitting false voter registration forms with the names of dead people on behalf of a political organization that politically benefits the Democratic Party. According to a WHSV TV report, Andrew J. Spieles, 21, was sentenced by a federal court for deliberately and knowingly proliferating phony voter registration forms in Virginia. According to the Justice Department, Spiels transferred the false voter registration forms during the 2016 election season.

Suspect used name of judge's father

The James Madison University student did work for the group Harrisonburg Votes, which supports Democratic Party. Spieles’ job description reportedly included registering as many area voters as possible and his allegedly fraudulent work was transferred to and presumably used by Democratic campaign headquarters in Harrisonburg.

Fraudulent forms transferred to Democratic Party

The voter scam began with Spiels inputting voter information to the Virginia Democratic Party’s computers followed by weekly deliveries of voter registration hardcopies to the Registrar’s office in Harrisonburg. Ironically, the jig was up for Spiele when an alert employee at the Registar’s office recognized the name of a Virginia judge’s deceased father on one of the fraudulent voter registration forms.

Evidence of voter fraud mounting

In Massachusetts, just two weeks ago, authorities charged six people with buying and selling of false identification documents. The arrests include four employees who worked directly for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and two state contractors they cooperated with in the scheme.

The complex operation involved creating and distributing stolen Puerto Rican Social Security cards, birth certificates and other documentation that enabled clientele to commit voter fraud. Customers receiving the false identification allegedly brought it to the now charged RMV clerks who issued them drivers licenses and ID cards.

The false documentation enabled an undetermined number of illegal immigrants to drive and qualify to vote. In the Massachusetts case, insiders were paid $900 while clientele paid $2,000 for their illegal documentation.

California voters roll suspect

In still another case of highly suspicious voter registration activity, according to a report by Judicial Watch published Monday, Los Angeles County admitted that the number of registered voters in that region totaled 144% of citizens eligible to vote, according to the latest United States Census report. A growing amount of compelling circumstantial evidence and concrete examples of potential and real voter fraud is helping to make Pres. Trump and the Republicans' case for voter ID.