While the national media remains focused like a green laser on taking out a Republican president, Democrats keep stepping in large piles of political stink, especially in the South. In Texas, Democrats don’t even have a gubernatorial candidate for 2018. In West Virginia, Democratic Gov. Jim Justice just switched parties from Democrat to Republican last week. In Kentucky, the Democratic Party is dealing with dual scandals, one involving an aging state senator, the other a party fundraiser and millennial favorite.

Democrats ask state senator Julian Carroll to resign

Former governor and current state Senator Julian Carroll was asked to resign on Sunday after Spectrum Pure Politics reported the Democrat allegedly groped and propositioned a 30-year-old man 12 years ago. He refused to do so. Carroll's refusal to resign means the scandal isn’t about to exit stage left anytime soon. With the formally true-blue state turning red faster than a Canadian wearing a Speedo in Florida, Democrats can ill-afford a Sex Scandal among the old guard.

Grace Wise, key fund raiser, arrested for theft

On Monday, July 24, Grace Wise, the executive director of Back the Bluegrass, a political action committee aimed at raising money to support millennial candidates in Kentucky, got herself arrested on charges of theft by deception and forgery; not exactly good timing for a political party gearing up for a 2018 election season that already promised to be dominated by a rising Republican Party flush with cash.

When liberal professors from a state university can’t come up with a panderable excuse for local Democrats’ illicit behavior, well - here’s your sign. Professor Stephen Voss, who teaches political science at the University of Kentucky, says, “It’s not uncommon after a change of hands to see the party that drops out of power to have to go through a rebirth from the ashes,” this according to an article in the Lexington Herald Leader, published a week ago.

As a political defense, the professor’s philosophical waxing is about as helpful hand-washing the senator's limo with a Brillo pad.

Republican voter registration rises

Republican voter registration in Kentucky steadily outpaced that of Democrats in the waning years of the Obama administration as well as during the first six months of Trump administration.

Now, with one of the Democratic Party’s main fundraisers trying to stay out of the big house and a Democratic state senator caught up in an odd if old sex scandal - and unwilling to step down - Kentucky is liable to glow red in 2018.

Democrats in decline even as MS media obsesses over Trump

Meanwhile, pretty much the entire mainstream media in the U.S. is already preoccupied and quite busy selling their Russian collusion projects to the public. While that plays to limousine liberal Democrats on the national level, the party is losing steam in states that it used to take for granted.

Perhaps former president Barack Obama should have addressed some of the issues that Kentuckians actually care about when he was issuing all of those executive orders, including using the Oval Office to instruct people on the use of toilet facilities. Now, with the economy heating up and the stock market setting weekly records, Republicans are on the move and Democrats are just not in the groove.