Justin Trudeau joined his LGBT citizens in celebrating Pride Month on Sunday. The PM, along with his wife and two kids, took the streets of Toronto to promote gender equality and diversity in all its forms through Pride parade. The Canadian Prime Minister even made several stops to mingle with his constituents and address the media. Dressed in a pink shirt and blue blazer matched with a pair of khaki pants, the leader told the reporters that "it's all about how we celebrate the multiple layers of identities that make Canada extraordinary and strong."

First Canadian PM to raise Pride flag

The 45-year-old PM made a historical move as the first Canadian leader to raise the multi-color flag on Parliament Hill last June 2016.

The flag raising marked the recognition of Pride Month to honor "a lot of people [who have] fought for a long time" to achieve liberation and equality.

"This is a great day for Canada, and it's part of a long series of milestones this country has hit over the years. It hasn't been easy, it hasn't been automatic," he said as cited by CBC. "Canada is united in its defense of rights and it's standing up for LGBTQ rights."

Trudeau also became the first sitting Canadian PM to participate in Pride parade last year. He, however, said that he has been a regular attendee of the festivity even before he was elected for the highest post.

Breaking U.S. tradition on Pride Month

Meanwhile, Trudeau's American counterpart, Donald Trump, has refused to recognize June as Pride Month despite his promise to protect and uphold the rights LGBTQ people during his presidential campaign.

He is the first U.S. leader after George W. Bush to defy tradition started by Bill Clinton in 1999.

The former president said his proclamation aims to "end discrimination against gays and lesbians" and to guarantee that they will enjoy the same rights as other citizens. Clinton said, "diversity" is the "greatest strength" of the U.S.

but acknowledged the fact the government has a long way to go in creating a nation that openly welcomes LGBTQ people.

His initial proclamation was supported by another one in 2000, where he declared June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. However, the tradition was not supported by Bush who supported an amendment that would prohibit same-sex marriage.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, continued the tradition and celebrated Pride Month with his LGBT constituents during his reign as the U.S. president.