Jamoneisha Merritt is back home after spending 11 days at the Harlem Hospital after a friend tried out the “hot water challenge” prank at a sleepover, pouring Boiling Water over her. While Jamoneisha suffered horrific burns to her face, she is now looking – and feeling – almost like her old self.

Burned Bronx girl arrives home from hospital

Jamoneisha arrived home Friday after spending almost two weeks in the hospital’s burn unit. She told the New York Post that she is happy to be home and also thankful that she is alive. The 11-year-old admitted to the Post that she at one stage thought she might not make it.

The brave and gushing youngster told the New York Daily News that she’s “great” and that she is dancing and listening to music again.

Immediately after the incident, Jamoneisha was almost unrecognizable as she had suffered burns over 85 percent of her face. However, while her face is now almost back to normal, the young girl still has quite a way to go.

Jamoneisha’s mother, Ebony Merritt, says her daughter will require home-schooling, as she will probably miss the start of her upcoming 7th grade classes. While Jamoneisha’s face is healed, her arm is still raw from the burns and doctors have warned her not to go into the sun.

Ebony added that it will still take around six months for her to completely heal. According to the Post, Jamoneisha’s mother said she doesn’t want her daughter to return to the Bronx Writing Academy due to bullying her daughter received there

‘Hot Water Challenge’ at a sleepover

The girls were reportedly inspired by the “hot water challenge” which is currently doing the rounds on YouTube, where youngsters pour boiling water over their unsuspecting friends.

The incident happened on August 7 when Jamoneisha was at a sleepover with her friends. 12-year-old Aniya Grant Stuart was the friend who poured the boiling water over her and was taken into custody after the incident while Jamoneisha was taken for treatment at the burn unit.

According to the Daily News, the case was handed over to Family Court, as Aniya is a minor.

They report that the 12-year-old attempted suicide by cutting her wrist due to her guilt over the incident.

Speaking of the incident for the first time, Jamoneisha admitted that Aniya and a couple of the other girls had said they would prank her if she fell asleep that night. However, she didn’t know what they were planning to do and was tired, so she fell asleep on the couch. She was suddenly awoken with her face feeling like it was on fire. She said she was screaming because it burned so badly. Immediately after the incident, Aniya’s mother reportedly put ice on Jamoneisha and gave her a cold shower. Jamoneisha said Aniya and her friends apologized half-heartedly, saying it was an accident.

Jamoneisha’s mother wants justice for her daughter

However, Ebony believes the three girls and Aniya’s mother should be arrested, saying the mother is equally to blame. While the incident happened at 4 a.m., Ebony only heard about it when they arrived at her door at 5:30 a.m. She says her daughter was sitting there and suffering with her burns for an hour and a half while Aniya and the girls tried to "cover their tracks."

Paul Prestia, a lawyer representing the Merritt family is confident charges will be filed against those responsible for injuring Jamoneisha. He added the girl needs justice for the scars she received in the incident. However, Prestia also said the young girl’s courage and spirit while healing from her burn injuries should be an inspiration to other young people who have suffered bullying.