Obstetricians are essential for a woman giving birth as they guide the new mother through the process of delivering a Child. However, a recent incident involving a pregnant obstetrician helping deliver the child of a patient, just minutes before delivering her own has made headlines in the country. The amazing incident took place at the Frankfurt Regional Medical Center in Kentucky.

What really happened?

Dr. Amanda Hess had checked into the hospital as a patient to give birth to her child on Sunday, July 30. However, she did not dream that her obstetrician work would also come into play that same day.

While lying down on her bed, Dr. Hess discovered that a patient’s monitor showed that she was having trouble with her pregnancy. Being a doctor, she immediately recognized the signs of emergency and knew that the delivery for that woman needed to be done immediately.

The patient’s obstetrician had gone out on a break and was on his way back, but Hess knew that the delivery could not wait. So, she did something unthinkable. She got up from her own bed and put on a doctor’s gown to cover herself. She then put on a pair of boots to keep the fluids from the delivery out of her feet. Then she proceeded to the bed where the patient was lying, all the while nearing her own delivery.

The patient in question, Leah Halliday Johnson, already knew Hess as the former had consulted the latter regarding her pregnancy a few weeks back.

Johnson was glad that a doctor had arrived to help her deliver her child, but did not notice anything unusual. Johnson’s husband, however, noticed Hess wearing a patient’s gown and felt strange.

After delivering Johnson’s child successfully, the pregnant Hess returned to her room and was induced for her delivery. 11 hours later, Hess delivered her own child.

She was blessed with a baby girl she has named Ellen Joyce.

What Hess said regarding this achievement

After the delivery, Hess revealed that it was her job to deliver the child of patients. She added that she was more comfortable in delivering the children of others than she was while delivering her own child. However, it cannot be denied that this is indeed a truly amazing feat through which Hess not only ensured the safety of Johnson but also of her child.

Johnson too commended Hess on her actions. She said that it was really wonderful to see such dedication from a doctor who was herself going through the process of delivery. Johnson too was blessed with a girl. Both mothers and their respective daughters have been delivered healthy.