After Jared Tucker, 42, died in the La Rambla van attack last week, his wife of one year, Heidi Nunes-Tucker spotted an image or video online, which showed a man helping her critically-injured husband. She is now searching for that Good Samaritan, who is possibly the last person to see her husband alive, to thank him for his kindness.

California man dies in the La Rambla terror attack

Tucker was the only American citizen killed during the terror attack in Barcelona, which saw 13 people dead and dozens more injured. While Nunes-Tucker doesn’t have a copy of the image that she saw, she said the man was dressed like a waiter.

She told the Associated Press that the man looked like he was helping her husband, adding that anyone who stopped to help in the midst of the chaos and terror was a testament to the love people can often have for strangers. Nunes-Tucker believes the man may have been working at a brew pub on the Las Ramblas promenade.

Family saw footage of the man helping Jared Tucker

As reported by CBS Local, Jared’s father, Dan Tucker, said they saw TV footage of the man helping his son. He said Jared had blood on his head and arm, but the Good Samaritan was kneeling next to him.

They initially believed their son had been injured and that it wasn’t serious, but Tucker did add that Jared wasn’t moving at the time.

Always thinking of others

According to Nunes-Tucker, her husband was a very brave man who loved to help people. She said if he had survived the attack, he would have been among those people giving aid to the injured.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Nunes-Tucker went on to describe the day she and Jared left for their belated European honeymoon, where they visited Paris and Venice before heading to Barcelona. She said that day he had cooked up a feast for friends who had just had a new baby. Even though he hadn’t yet packed for the trip, Jared spent the day cooking up enchiladas to take to their home before they left, saying the family would then not have to worry about cooking, while welcoming their new baby home.

Nunes-Tucker said that was how he always was, putting others first.

Since they first met in 2012, Nunes-Tucker says Jared has been everything to her and that she has lost everything. All she wanted in life was to wake up next to him and go to sleep with him each night, as he was her “person.” She went on to stress that as a mother and a teacher she feels it important to teach children to be tolerant and kind and to love each other. Speaking of the brutal attack which took his life, she said Jared wouldn’t have wanted them to focus on intolerance or hatred, as that is not what he was about.

While Jared’s body is being prepared ready for her to take him home to Lafayette, Nunes-Tucker is spending a few more days in Barcelona. Some members of her family are joining her there for support.