Tropical Storm Harvey crashed into the state of Texas and flooding is expected to last for one more week in some places. More than 20 people perished, and a great part of Houston is under water. The storm is already also affecting Louisiana, where warnings have been issued. The BBC reports that the governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott, stated that there had been more than 8,500 rescues while more than 32,000 people remain in shelters. The same source also adds that there are 14,000 members of the National Guard helping out during this disaster and 10,000 more will join soon.

The storm reached the status of a hurricane at first, which produced a record rainfall in Texas.

Driving can be dangerous

One of the victims was Devy Saldivar, a 16-year-old, who posted a message on Facebook on Sunday about the challenging weather. The sheriff (Ed Gonzales) stated that their worst fears had become a reality. The local authorities told people not to drive because the roads are dangerous, and many individuals who tried to escape underestimated the power of the water


In the state of Louisiana, the area around Cameron was affected on Wednesday. The storm will weaken once it moves to the north east. The National Weather Service reported that there would be heavy rain from Kentucky to Louisiana.

There is still the risk of flooding in Mississippi and Louisiana, though New Orleans isn't in the path of the storm.

Curfew in Houston

The city of Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States, and homes remain abandoned, while a curfew has been implemented to avoid chaos and looting. The curfew will run from midnight until 5 a.m.

CT for an unknown length of time. The only ones not be affected by this drastic measure are first responders, relief volunteers, and the people who go to and from work during those hours. The Storm Harvey has been devastating for Texas, and it's caused a lot of problems; thus, the US President decided to visit the state.

Donald Trump

The US President went to Texas on Tuesday to inspect the damage caused by the powerful storm. He arrived with the US First Lady, Melania Trump, in Corpus Christi. Trump wants the relief effort to be an example in the US can face challenges. He made good comments on the way that Texas handled the situation. Donald Trump has declared Texas and Louisiana in a state of emergency, but he didn't go to Houston. Harvey has been the most powerful hurricane in Texas the last 50 years.