A California man was suspected earlier this year of murdering his five-year-old Son after taking him to Disneyland. The boy was never seen again after that and the search for the child thought to be missing lasted for months. On Tuesday, his father, Aramazd Andressian Sr., Pleaded Guilty in his death. Andressian was charged with first-degree murder months after he was found unconscious in April following his trip to Disneyland with his son. The 35-year-old father was supposed to undergo his preliminary hearing on Tuesday but changed his not guilty plea to a guilty one.

Attorney of suspect comments on client’s guilty plea

The attorney of Andressian, Ambrosio Rodriguez, did not say what prompted his client to change his not guilty plea to guilty. Rodriguez did say, however, that his client is “beyond words in regretting” his actions. The attorney also noted that his client already gave information to authorities as to where they can find the boy’s remains, CNN reported. The remains of the five-year-old were found last month at Lake Cachuma. Police did not detail where exactly they found the boy’s remains and what the condition of the body was. The cause of death remains unknown.

Mother called police on Andressian after he failed to return boy

Andressian took his son from his estranged wife, Ana Estevez, back in April.

The boy spent the week with his father and Andressian was supposed to take his son back to Estevez for a planned exchange per their schedule of custody over their son, ABC 7 reported. On the day that Andressian was set to give his son back to Estevez, a stranger found him unconscious next to his vehicle. The boy was not in the car.

Andressian told police he took prescription medicine and did not remember what happened to his child. He also claimed that he was attacked.

Andressian’s behavior after son went missing led to arrest

Andressian and Estevez made announcements to the public regarding their son. However, his behavior following his son going missing became suspicious leading authorities to arrest him.

Andressian spend 47 days in Las Vegas, dyed his hair, and shaved his beard. Police said he displayed “mannerisms that were not consistent with a grieving parent.” Andressian was initially arrested but later released due to lack of evidence. He was arrested for a second time while he was in Las Vegas.

It is believed that Andressian killed his son because he wanted revenge on his estranged wife. The two were in the middle of a tumultuous divorce at the time that the boy was killed. If Andressian is found guilty, he faces 25 years to life in prison. He will be sentenced on August 23.