A female school bus driver was charged with Dui (driving under the influence) in Georgia on Monday. The police stopped the School Bus, full of students, at Loganville Middle School after getting the report that the bus had been moving dangerously on the road, Fox News reported.

The students inside the bus informed their families that they were worried about the driver's actions on the road and the possibility that the driver was under the influence.

The reason for worries

Catherine Etheridge , a school Bus Driver, was stopped by the police when she was recklessly driving the bus.

She was carrying the bottles of alcohol and prescription pills in her purse, according to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. Her field sobriety test showed a positive result so the school assigned new driver in her place to complete the route. The 49-year old woman had never been accused of DUI before.

Etheridge ousted from the Gwinnett school system due to “unsatisfactory performance.” It happened one month before her work for the Walton school system.

The reaction of parents and authorities

Walton schools spokeswoman Callen Moore claimed that there were 31 school children on the bus, 16 of them were less than 14 years old. “The Walton County School District does not tolerate any behavior that jeopardizes the safety of our students,” Moore announced.

Walton school officials reported that they fired the driver immediately.

"That’s putting the lives of our kids in danger and anybody else on the road,” claimed Aimee Elmore, a mother, whose child was on the bus that day, hoping that Catherine Etheridge will spend much time in the jail, WSBTV reported.

Melanie Walker, another parent, noted on her Facebook page that she had warned the school twice during this year complaining about Catherine Etheridge's “erratic” driving.

Nevertheless, school authorities refused to get any complaints about Etheridge, noting that the driver had successfully passed a background check in March when they took her for this job. The school administration praised the student who had informed his parents about the situation on time.

The woman was charged with 16 counts of endangering a child and DUI, but jail officials explained that her charges were connected with traffic citations without any warrants.

"Obviously the code section only allows us to charge them if they were under the age of 14,” Walton sheriff’s Chief Deputy Keith Brooks told Channel 2, WSBTV reported.

Driver Etheridge spent less than three hours in jail and paid $25,762 bail for her release. Channel 2 Action News visited her house in Dacula for an interview to know her point of view about the situation, but no one was there, as WSBTV reported.