President Donald Trump criticized the Democratic members of Congress and many Republicans on Tuesday for failure to support the Republican Party's efforts to review Obama's health care law and warned that the bill would return. The miracle of today's short cuts provokes the collapse of the Legislative before the Congressional Crash on Avalanche LP. For seven years, the party promised to abolish President Barack Obama's health care law.

The failure of Obamacare repeal

Two Senate Republicans Mike Lee and Kansas Jerry Moran ended the decision on Monday when they announced that they would be 'initially' critical and criticized next week.

This automatically translates that about four out of 52 Republican Senators are ready to block a measure that is more above the control of Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

It was the third week for McConnell, whose intellectuals were kidnapped because he could not connect his Republican chambers in packages, opening the door for a dishonest division between conservatives and moderates. At the end of June, left the original box after the GOP had not been supportive enough.

This episode is worried by Trump, whose broken lobby and mist, which often was his allegedly controversial description, showed that he had a limited impact on senators. This is despite the determination of President Trump, McConnell and R-Wis, Paul Ryan to show that the administration and the Congress can be effectively managed.

New measures to amend Obamacare

McConnell now says that majority of senators will vote for a bill approved by the Congress, passed by the Republic in 2015, but Obama vetoed the law, which cancels most of Obama's statutes, by delaying it for two, to allow Members time to pass the law. Replacement Trump accepted this idea last month after the McConnell project's initial plan fell due to the withdrawal of support by some Republicans and a repeat on Monday.

But the prospect of adopting an unconstitutional law to remove, and then working with substitute acts, even with Trump, was ready to sign, seemed unstable.

Trump and party leaders began to adopt this strategy this year to only abandon it when it appeared that Congress could not be accepted because many Republicans were worried that they would give rise to instability in the insurance market and political chaos, a substitute right.

According to the CBO, McConnell's unconditional bill was left without calling 22 million until 2026, and many Republicans think it is unpleasant.

But the 2015 veto is even worse; the CBO announced that it provided additional insurance to 32 million people last January in January.