There is new evidence that proves Venus Williams lawfully entered the Intersection ahead of the fatal accident on June 9. Even though a video shows the tennis champion entered the intersection legally, officials have not stated that Williams was not at fault and is in the clear.

It has happened to a lot of drivers who turned into an intersection on a green light and traffic stopped causing them to literally be stuck with no place to go when the light turned red. That is what officials are saying happened to Venus. They clearly said she made the turn into the intersection driving only 5 miles per hour before the crash.

Investigation continues

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department continues to investigate the tragic accident even after viewing the video over and over. The police issued a statement on Saturday outlining exactly what happened. The way they explained it, it seemed as if Venus was not at fault. However, that is not what they actually said.

What the statement did say was that Williams was traveling north through the intersection when a Nissan Altima made a left turn into the same intersection as it was traveling south. Williams had to stop to avoid hitting the car. When she began to travel north again, Linda Barson entered the same intersection on a green light. The front end of her Hyundai Accent collided with the front of Williams' vehicle.

Barson's husband, 78-year-old Jerome, was a passenger in his wife's car. He died from his injuries at a local hospital. Because of his death, the Barson family has filed a Wrongful Death lawsuit in the amount of $15,000, according to legal papers. That was before new information was revealed that Williams entered the intersection legally before the accident.

Final determination

When reporters asked the police if this means Williams was not at fault, officials only said the case is still under investigation and a final determination has not been made at this time. An attorney for the Barson's said in a statement that the video shows and witnesses confirmed that Williams remained in the intersection which violated Linda Barson's right of way.

Williams has not been issued any traffic violations or charged with the accidental death of Jerome Barson. She sobbed when asked about the crash during a post-match Wimbledon press conference. She became so emotional that she left the room.

This could happen to any driver. How do you think the case will be solved? Do you think Venus Williams should be sued for a wrongful death?