united airlines was in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Just a couple of weeks ago a video went viral where people saw a passenger, 69-years-old Vietnamese-American doctor Mr David Dao, being dragged out from a Chicago flight by law enforcement officers. As soon as the video which was made by a fellow passenger was made public, it enraged the online viewers and the act was instantly disapproved by people from all over the world. Another video showed an injured Dr Dao with an impaired face reentering the aircraft while saying "I want to go home, I want to go home."

Deal between Dr Dao and United Airlines

According to reports, the popular airlines has made a deal with Dr David Dao for an undisclosed amount of money.

The Vietnamese-American doctor suffered from this brutality on flight in an effort to make some space for four crew members of the airlines for the flight that was scheduled from Chicago to Kentucky.

On Thursday, while addressing a press briefing the attorney of Dr David Dao, Thomas Demetrio questioned that "Are we just going to continue to be treated like cattle?". While explaining the incident that his client underwent, Mr Demetrio described it as being even more horrible than what Mr Dao went through during the Vietnam war.

He said that Dr David suffered several health issues as an aftermath of the United Arilines incident including a concussion, a broken nose as well as lost two teeth. He further informed that Dr Dao will have to undergo reconstructive surgery in order to recover from his sinus problem that was cause by what was done to him by the police officers.

Statement by the CEO of United Airlines Oscar Munoz

The CEO of United Airlines Mr. Oscar Munoz recently announced a change in the policy of the airlines. He said in a statement that all the passengers deserve top quality service and they must be treated with respect, he further said

"Two weeks ago, we failed to meet that standard and we profoundly apologise."

As a result of incident, passengers travelling through United Airlines will now be presented up to $10,000 for voluntarily giving up their flight seats.

Seems like the airlines is going through a tough time since on Wednesday, United Airlines was again in the news. This time the incident was related to a giant 90 cm long bunny called Simon that lost its life while being on -board one of the flights.