A documentary on Princess Diana airs in the U.S and U.K on Monday. The show titled, “Diana, Our Mother, exposes a side of Diana never seen before. The brother of the late princess is also set to release his eulogy he gave at the funeral of his sister to raise money for different charities as they remember her 20 Years after her death.

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997 – almost two decades ago – and United Kingdom’s ITV and United States’ HBO airs the documentary showing her sons and friends speaking about her life. The show’s executive producer Nick Kent told People Magazine that the documentary showed Princess Diana “in a way she has never been seen before — through the eyes of the two people who knew her best.” Kent was referring to Prince William and Prince Harry, who recently opened up about their mother.

The publication also reported that Prince Harry and Prince William looked through a photo album to recall the moments they had with their mother when she was still alive. The two princes also revealed that their mother loved to laugh and have fun. They also revealed that she was a practical joker when she was still alive.

Kensington Palace contacted Kent and his team

According to The Hollywood Reporter, U.K.’s ITV aired a documentary last year regarding the Queen titled “Our Queen at 90.” After that, the Kensington Palace contacted them again regarding the 20th death anniversary of Princess Diana. Kent pointed out that there have been many documentaries about Princess Diana in the past but this is the first time that her two sons became part of the film.

The executive producer of the documentary also said that a lot of people do know who Princess Diana is but a whole generation all over the world grew up without really knowing her. Kent noted that it was an opportunity for them to introduce Princess Diana to this specific generation.

Who else was seen in the film?

Kent also revealed that the film showed the friends and family of the late Princess, who talked about her childhood and her humanitarian work.

Kent said that these close friends of Princess Diana told stories that made the executive producer of the film believe that the mother of Princes William and Harry was only able to relax and be herself when she was with her sons.

Brother to sell his eulogy at a charity gala to raise funds for organizations

Princess Diana’s brother, Charles, will release a tribute for his sister, which will be out this August on ABC.

The publication People worked with ABC to produceThe Story of Diana,” which will air on August 9 and 10 at 9 p.m.

People also conducted an interview with Charles and the friends of Princess Diana such as her wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel, charity partner Vivienne Parry, and close friend Sir Richard Branson. These individuals will also be seen on “The Story of Diana.”

As for the book version of the eulogy of Charles, 100 leather-bound editions will be auctioned at a charity gala this October 26. All the proceeds will go to charities like Whole Child International. The book is quite special as it contains a never-before-seen photo of Charles and Princess Diana in 1967.