Justin Bieber seems to be a media magnet these days. After news of his ban in China broke out, it was also confirmed that he will be canceling the rest of his "Purpose" tour, a tour which could arguably have been the biggest tour of his career so far. It's hard to top news like that, and yet an accident in beverly hills put Bieber on the news again.

Justin Bieber accidentally hits a photographer after attending a church service

An article from Vanity Fair reported that on Wednesday night, the singer accidentally hit a photographer with the truck he was driving.

The Beverly Hills Police Department felt that there was no reason to file a criminal complaint, although an investigation was said to be ongoing. Bieber fully cooperated with the authorities, Sgt. Matthew Stout of the BHPD said.

The sergeant also reported that the one hit by the vehicle is a 57-year-old photographer. He was rushed to the hospital after sustaining minor injuries.

According to the reports, Justin Bieber was attending church in Saban Theater on Hamilton Drive prior to the incident — at around 9:30 P.M. on Wednesday. A video that was posted on the popular media outlet TMZ purportedly showed footage of the accident. The man was reportedly "clipped by the right side of the truck," after which he lay on the ground for some time.

Bieber and the others who saw the incident tended to the man until several minutes later, when help from the authorities arrived.

Cancellation of the Purpose World Tour

Justin Bieber was on hiatus for a time, but made his big comeback in the music scene with the release of the album "Purpose." Along with the album of course came the tour, and it was one of the biggest that the musician has done to date.

However, the tour was cut short after just roughly more than 150 performances, most of which occurred in the Americas and Europe. The bulk of the canceled dates affected Asia. It should be noted that this is about the same time as when the artist got banned in China.

Neither Justin Bieber nor his representatives have specified the reason for the cancellation.

An official statement was released, however, citing "unforeseen circumstances" as the reason for the cancellation of most of the dates in the Purpose World Tour. Saddened as the fans were, it seems that the singer ultimately decided to end the tour "after careful consideration." Still, those who bought tickets will be glad to know that they can get a refund.