Syracuse: Police are investigating the death of a teenager as a homicide NBC reported. The teen was shot at the intersection of Cannon St. & Fernwood Ave around 11 PM Wednesday.

Syracuse teenager shot when he was down reported that witnesses heard gunfire on the South Side, in Onondaga County. According to them, Noah Stanley, 67, who lives near the intersection where the shooting took place, said that the teenager was down on the pavement but the killers continued to shoot at him. Stanley was the one who called it into 911 and he said that three people were seen running away after the shooting.

Unfortunately, Stanley, who was in the company of his daughter at the time of the shooting was not able to get a good view of the suspects due to plant foliage that partly screened the street from his position.

The unnamed teenager was taken to hospital in an ambulance Ken Sturtz wrote, but as the police are treating it as a homicide, it is presumed he died from the shooting at the scene.

The intersection of Fernwood Avenue and Cannon in Syracuse South Side is populated by older style wooden houses, many of them with a second level. The quiet shady street during daylight hours looks far from scary, and it is hard to imagine the violence that ended a young life Wednesday night.

Dead teen is the 11th victim of homicide this year in the area

NewsRadio 570 reported today that the latest teen murdered on the streets of Syracuse is the 11th victim this year.

There have been other instances of teenagers being shot in the streets of Syracuse recently. Spectrum News reported on 2 July that Syracuse Police were searching for a suspect following a shooting that that left a teen injured in the early hours of Saturday near the intersection of Marguerite Avenue and South Avenue. Police who responded to the reports of gunshots said that a 17-year-old was shot in the face and leg.

He was taken to the hospital and was expected to survive.

In April this year, Syracuse Police attended another shooting on the South Side, this time involving three teenagers, all of whom were injured. Witnesses to the incident said that two males ran away after the shooting toward East Raynor Avenue. "The teenagers themselves did not give officers any information about the suspects," Police Sergeant Helterline told reporters.

The Syracuse Police have appealed for witnesses via their Twitter page and confidential calls can be directed to 315-442-5222.