The investigation into Russian interference in the US Presidential elections last year and the possibility of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign is a landmark event in the history of American democracy. Over the past few months, plenty of information has tumbled forth about the possibility of Russian connection to the Trump campaign despite denials from the President himself. However, Mark Warner, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, seemed to suggest that there is plenty of evidence that could prove Russian collusion.

A candid declaration

The Senate's probe into Russia's interference in the Presidential election and links to President Donald Trump's campaign will surely have a profound effect on American politics for years to come. Mark Warner, a leading member of the Senate Intelligence Committee went on record yesterday stating that in his career as a lawmaker, he has not seen so much evidence that could nail the Russians as well as the Trump campaign.

Speaking to CNN in an exclusive interview, the Democrat said, “In terms of contacts and collusions, I’ve never seen so much smoke and so many possible threads. If there is no fire, I will be the first to say there’s nothing there.” Considering the revelations that have surfaced over the past few months, it must be said that the Virginia senator was being candid and honest about the evidence that the committee has been presented with.

Blamed Trump

During the interview with Fareed Zakaria, Warner also blamed the President for his refusal to acknowledge Russia's intervention in the electoral process, in spite oft the overwhelming evidence furnished by the CIA and FBI over the past few months. Warner said that such an attitude hampers America's ability to create a far more robust security structure that will be successful in thwarting any such efforts from the Russians in the future.

Regarding the status of the probe, Warner said that the committee will soon start talking to people close to the Trump campaign who are suspected to have had close ties with Russia.

Warner, however, went to state that Russia's intervention in the US Presidential elections might not have been a one off. He asserted that Russia had also interfered in the elections in France and the Netherlands earlier this year and is almost certainly going to be a factor in the German elections later on this year. He also said that the committee hopes to complete the probe by the end of this year.