A man was arrested by authorities for Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. That is not all, he was driving a car that did not have any doors or a windshield! Deputies of Wyoming County got innumerable distressed calls about a car driving in Wethersfield’s Youngers Road. The bizarre-looking vehicle in question had no license plates, and had an ax stuck in the roof.

Who is the accused?

The accused and the man behind the wheel was 21-year-old Jared T Price, who is a resident of Java. The way the car looked wasn’t all that added to the hysterics of the onlookers and passers-by.

Jared was pulled over by the Wyoming County Sheriff’s officers and was made to take the field sobriety tests, which he failed.

What was discovered after the investigation?

Price was found driving under the influence of alcohol and was impaired by multiple types of drugs. Both the accusations are serious criminal offense and a person to be charged under this can face jail time or hours of community service. The incident took place on Monday, July 24th 2017. The accused faces 8 charges including driving an unregistered vehicle and being under the influence of alcohol and driving.

By driving around under the influence of alcohol and many types of drugs, the accused has posed a threat to not just himself, but also to his fellow drivers and pedestrians.

The deputies were fast to react by reaching the scene and they found the car at the intersection of Wethersfield Road. However, it is not clear how the ax got stuck to the roof of the vehicle and the doors went missing. Thankfully, the accused did not crash into another vehicle and was detected and arraigned timely.

What is the punishment that Price can face?

The man was detained in the court of Gainesville and may have to shell out $10,000 as bail in cash to be free, or a bond worth $20,000. The further proceedings are scheduled to take place on August 1st 2017 in Wethersfield Court.

There are no reports from the Sheriff’s office about what happened to the doors or how did that ax find its way into the roof of the car.

The man has inadvertently got himself into a lot of trouble and it is just the beginning. The Wyoming County Sheriff's office also posted one of the many articles written about this bizarre incident on its Facebook page with the caption: “A picture says a thousand words.” It remains to be seen what the court decrees and the punishment it metes out to Price.