US President Donald Trump has barred Transgender People from serving in the US military, citing huge health care costs and disturbances.

Though, he failed to announce what will be the faith of transgender people already serving in the military on his tweet Wednesday morning.

The president commented that after consultations with generals and military experts, the government would not allow transgender people to serve in any role in the US army.

The President's reason

He said the military should focus on decisive and great victory and cannot be overwhelmed by the enormous medical costs and disruptions that transgender relationships are involved.

At the Pentagon, members of staff of Jim Mattis Defense Department seemed to be unaware of Trump Tweets.

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis refused to answer questions about Trump's tweets on current political development, including whether they would throw out the expelled men who are already in the military.

Davis later issued a statement and said all the questions about the president's comments at the White House would be responded to. He added that the military would continue to work with the White House to implement the new guidelines handed down by the Commander in Chief. The military will give revised guidelines to the department in the coming days, he added.

The White House press office did not respond promptly to the request for comments

The Pentagon declined to publish data on the number of transgenic troops currently serving.

Rand Corp's study estimated that there are between 2,500 to approximately 7,000 active transgender service members and an additional 1,500 to 4,000 reserves.

Trump's decision made a quick response from critics

Minority Leader of the House Pelosi, a Democratic lawmaker from California, called the move a cruel and arbitrary decision to humiliate transgender Americans who are determined to serve the nation.

Matt Thorn, executive director of OutServe-SLDN, who represents the LGBT population in the US military, said thousands of men serve the US armed forces with no problems. He said It's absolutely absurd and another big blow, and threaten to take legal action if the administration implements the decision.

However, Tony Perkins, president of the Council for Family Research, welcomed Trump to keep the promise of returning to military priorities - not to continue the social experimentation of Obama's era, by paralyzing the nation's military.