People are still tweeting photos of the man Melania Trump was rumored to be having an affair with. The allegations began swirling a few months ago when a novelist made the claim on Twitter about source who told her that the first lady was cheating on her husband with the head of security at Tiffany's inside Trump Tower. Her tweets have since been removed, but her message was seen by thousands. One of her tweets included a photo of the man she strongly insists Melania has seen "for years."

Preventing Trump fro "fixating" on Mueller investigation

July 4th sparked new energy in the trolling of the first lady and the president with photos of Hank Siemers, the head of security at Tiffany's (The Inquisitr wrote a huge report on him and detailed his professional portfolio).

One tweet in particular was a follow-up to the one initially promoted last month by former White House staff member, Claude Taylor. He urged people to tweet a photo of Siemers to Donald Trump every day in an effort to unhinge him. Another Twitter user is encouraging people to tweet the photo of Melania Trump's alleged lover and many joined in on the conversation.

Just a few of the tweets from July 4 are seen below from people in the conversation mocking the president over his wife allegedly having an affair with a handsome man with "big hands." The jabs are intended for Trump to "not be fixated" on Robert Mueller's investigation of possible ties with the Trump campaign and Russia.

It was also noted in the image that Siemers has on a wedding ring while he's holding a drink.

As one wrote, his "personal circumstances may have changed" since he was exposed for allegedly seeing with Melania.

The original tweet Claude Taylor wrote when he encouraged people to help "uhhinge" Donald Trump:

No response from Trumps or White House

The White House hasn't responded to the allegations about the rumored affair.

Chatter about the possibility of Melania involving herself with another man hasn't died down on social media. In almost all of her tweets, there are some users retweeting images of Siemers captioned with their own remarks. Some of them most often include the comments, "miss him yet?" or there's the observation some make that the security guard has "big hands," a slam to Donald Trump's notably smaller hands.

The same is true for some of Donald Trump's Twitter account ...people are retweeting a photo of Siemers, though not a significant amount. There's just enough of it going on to keep the rumors alive.

All rumors, no confirmation

There's been nothing confirmed whatsoever on this rumor ... and was all started by someone who boldly alleged Melania is having an affair. Strangely, there hasn't been any news about Melania Trump fighting this. Many stories are largely avoided by the president and first lady when it's regarding their personal lives. There are times they address allegations when it comes to divorce rumors. Overall, figures in position of power realize they can't react to every little thing going on with social media.