People are being encouraged to torment Donald Trump by tweeting him a photo of his wife's alleged "boyfriend." A former White House staffer determined to help get the president out of office is urging users to "unhinge" Trump by tweeting him an image of the guy she's been seeing on the side. The major news outlets haven't reported on the rumor that Melania has been secretly having an affair for "many years," according to a novelist who has since removed the tweets.

Getting inside Trump's head

Claude Taylor, a former White House staff member from the Clinton administration is a vocal opponent of Trump's and apparently has some highly placed sources.

Although he wasn't the one to spark the Melania Trump affair rumor, he supported it by urging people to send a photo of Hank Siemers, the man who's head of security at Tiffany's inside Trump Tower.

"If enough people share this image it will completely unhinge Trump. Low? Juvenile? Yes. That's why it works on Trump," Taylor tweeted with a photo of Siemers.

Some were only too happy to oblige and begin sending @realDonaldTrump a photo of Siemers with their own messages that taunted him for not making his wife happy.

Some went on about how "hot" Siemers is and how they don't blame her for being unhappy in her marriage. One even went as far as to say that maybe Melania's lover is the father of 11-year-old Barron.

No response from the Trumps over rumored affair

While some are retweeting a photo of Siemers, others are sending their own thoughts about the affair to Donald Trump.

No one has responded to the rumors that have been circulating for a few weeks now, but it appears that the Trumps are ignoring the chatter. Melania is known to threaten lawsuits over stories she denies as true, but she's not combating the reports this time. It's either a matter of time before that happens, or it's a story she's hoping will go away.

Donald Trump's mental stability is questionable, as reports and psychological experts reveal. He's largely viewed as unfit to serve as president, as evidenced by his low approval ratings and obsessive need to control what the media reports.

Now that Melania Trump has moved to Washington, D.C., the hope is that her husband will be more bearable in the White House. Will he be more comforted having his wife and son around? It's early, but the family atmosphere may lessen Trump's stress and reduce the number of rumors that his marriage to Melania is in trouble.