A New York City Hospital offered to take an eleven-month-old British boy, Charlie Gard, who is suffering from a rare genetic disease that has damaged his brain and has left him unable to breathe on his own, according to CBS. According to British doctors, the child is in the terminal stage and nothing can be done to help him. Experts from Great Osmond Street believe he should be taken off of life support.

Charlie's medical case has been accepted and will be evaluated

On Thursday, the Presbyterian Hospital of New York and Columbia University Medical Center stated that they had agreed to accept and evaluate Charlie's condition.

The statement said that all necessary steps had been taken to ensure his safe transportation, that legal obstacles would be eliminated, and permission would be obtained from the FDA as far as the experimental treatment is concerned. As an alternative, the medical institution will arrange for the shipment of experimental medicine as well, however, the hospital will need FDA approval, the statement said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her concern regarding the matter and told the House of Commons that she understood the parents and supported their decision. She also added that she was confident that Great Ormond Street would help the child.

Both Donald Trump and Pope Francis show their support

Charlie is deaf and blind, and also cannot swallow or drink. His parents tried to bring him to the U.S. for an experimental treatment, but the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the parents' appeal, ruling that further treatment would also cause further suffering.

There has been an outpouring of support from the public as well.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson supported the decision of the court and said that the baby's case is deeply tragic and complex for all involved, and that medical experts made the right decision.

Both President Trump and Pope Francis showed support for Charlie Gard and brought international attention to the family's legal battle this week.

They commented on the case and pleaded with the parents to make the right decision for their baby, who is fighting for his life.

Trump tweeted this week in support of the baby and wrote that he and the Pope would be delighted to help -- Charlie's family has also received nearly $1.7 million in donations.

“If he’s still fighting, we’re still fighting," Charlie's mother wrote on Facebook, sharing Trump’s tweet.