A new mother, Megan Moss Johnson, died eight hours after she gave birth. The story made rounds online as she survived a Heart transplant in the past and is the wife of a Christian music artist.

CNN reported that Megan is the wife of the musician named Nathan Johnson. She underwent the heart transplant operation seven years ago and that was their number one worry when she went into delivery. The delivery went smooth and was able to give birth to her daughter, Eilee Kate, without any complication.

After the delivery, Megan was able to pose for a photo with her husband and newborn.

Nathan took to his Instagram account to post a photo of Megan holding their baby and greeted Eilee Kate a happy birthday. He also gave an update about his wife noting that she feels great after the delivery and that her heart worked perfectly.

Megan was also able to hold her daughter and feed her. She gave birth to Eilee Kate at around 2:40 a.m. and complications started to show at 11 a.m. Doctors did not reveal yet what the cause of her death is.

Megan Johnson needed heart transplant after heart virus

Johnson suffered from a Heart Problem when she caught a virus at the age of 15. She was an athlete and played different sports during her teenage years. This played a role in discovering she had a heart problem as she suddenly had difficulties breathing just by going up a flight of stairs, Heavy reported.

Doctors initially thought she only had asthma but eventually, she was diagnosed with myocarditis. She was able to live with her condition through medications but years later, doctors found out she had congestive heart failure. By April of 2010, she was connected to a machine that pumped the blood for her as her heart can no longer do that job.

She was on the transplant list of February that year and was hopeful but she got sick with pneumonia so doctors did not advise that she underwent a transplant with that condition. When doctors told them this, she got better hours later and received the transplant, which turned out successfully.

GoFundMe campaign put up to help with bills

The person who started the GoFundMe page for Megan and her family is a man named Josh Wilson, a family friend and is a band mate of Nathan. He asked for $400,000 in donations and the help came pouring in as the contributions already reached more than the amount they were hoping for. Josh said on the GoFundMe page that he is asking for such a huge amount so that Nathan could stop touring with them for at least six months so he could take care of Eilee.

Josh also revealed that Megan wanted to donate her organs as she was saved by one organ donor when she needed a heart transplant.