The investigation on the wife of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (Jane O’Meara Sanders) remains active as she is accused of trying to evict residents from a disabled group home and of defrauding a $10 million loan when she worked as the president of Burlington College.

What reports say about the $10M loan

Jane was in the news back in April after reports surfaced saying that the FBI started a probe on the wife of the senator regarding her presidency at the Burlington College, which is no longer operative. During that time, the Sanders did not comment on the matter but Jane recently hired a lawyer to work on the matter.

After the hiring, more information were revealed regarding the accusations against the wife of the senator.

Jane became the president of Burlington College in 2004 but was removed from her post in 2011. This came after she purchased the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington’s headquarters as she wanted to expand the college. She planned to double the enrollment in order to pay the debt used in purchasing the land.

She was able to secure the $10 million deal in December 2010. Burlington College moved into the new campus in 2011 but the board of trustees of the college believed the expansive vision of Jane will not come into reality. The officials of the school were then in possession of the land but they were not able to pay the debt.

It went downhill after that and the government took over the property.

Two Burlington College donors also came forward and claimed Jane misrepresented their pledges in the loan agreement. Others also blamed Jane as to why Burlington College was put out of business.

Details on allegedly trying to evict disabled residents

The other accusation against Jane was about trying to remove disabled residents from a group home when she was still the president of Burlington College.

The home had 16 residents and it was part of the property purchased by Jane when she wanted to expand Burlington College. A statement from Judicial Watch claimed, “The home for the disabled was being leased from the diocese and Jane was supposed to help relocate the residents, not evict them.”

Senator Bernie Sanders defends his wife

The Vermont Senator said in a statement that his wife is the most honest person he knows.

He added that Burlington College was already failing financially and academically before Jane entered the picture. He stressed, “When she left it, it was in better shape than it had ever been.” He also said that the allegations against Jane are just part of a political warfare. He neither denied nor confirmed the allegations.