A photo book of White House pictures of Michelle Obama is being released on October 17, according to the Associated Press. The collection is called "Chasing Light" and will contain 150 color photos taken during Mrs. Obama's eight years as First Lady of the United States. Along with the photos taken by Amanda Lucidon are also personal commentaries from the White House photographer who was assigned to take photos of the former first lady.

About the book

Lucidon decided to publish the collection of photos because she believes Michelle Obama is her source of light and inspiration, and others might think the same.

The photographer added that Obama is her mentor. Because of the work she did to inspire young people around the world, she is deserving to have a historical record of her photos. It also helps to have reminders of her fashion sense as well.

Lucidon believes Michelle Obama is an icon who is loved and admired by most Americans. Therefore, his project should be welcomed by those who want the collector's item. She understands that some of the photos have already been seen before online one at a time. She believes people would be interested in having a collection of the photos in one book where they can flip through and reminisce about the first lady while she was performing service along with her husband.

Former President Obama's book

"Chasing Light" will arrive three weeks before a collection of former President Barack Obama's photo book. "Obama: An Intimate Portrait" contains photos taken by White House photographer Pete Souza. The two photo books are expected to be different because each one represents the photographers' style and the photos they have chosen to share.

Most people know that a photo was taken of them doing almost everything and being almost every place. Therefore, it was impossible to share every photo. The ones that were selected for both books tell a story. The photographs give inside information about most of the photos, but some they live up to the book owner's recollection of where and when a particular photo was taken.

Souza was the official White House photographer during the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. The 62-year-old photographer was with the former president the entire time. Lucidon came on board in 2013 during the Obamas second term in the White House. She was the primary photographer for the former first lady, and she has enough photos to complete the photo book.