Former First Lady Michelle Obama made her first speech since leaving the White House. She and former President Barack Obama came out this week to give speeches. He spoke to a group of youth leaders in Chicago on Monday.

On Thursday, April 27, Mrs. Obama spoke at the America Institute of Architecture Convention in Orlando. The very first thing she said was that she would never run for a political office. She made that admission because people had been speculating and suggesting that she should get involved in politics.

No cameras were allowed during the event to hear Obama speak to the group, according to CNN.

However, it was reported that the wife and mother was very clear when she said she wouldn't ask her children to do that again. She added that politics is tough and it is hard for everyone when one member of the family gets involved in politics.

Two simple things

The speaker cited two things she and her children are able to do now that they haven't done in eight years. She said she can open the door when they have visitors, and her children are able to open their windows if they like. Those are little things most people take for granted, but they were not able to do those simple things in the White House.

Also, it is good not to have the weight of the country on their shoulders. Rather than running for office, Obama said she will help the country while staying a private citizen.

She stated that she will continue to be involved with young girls and women who are facing difficulties with healthcare, violence, education, finances and other related matters.

Departure from White House

Speaking about their family's departure from the White House, the 53-year-old mother of two daughters confessed that it was very difficult for her entire family.

They had been there for eight years and it was the place where her daughters grew up. She said Malia, 18, and Shasha, 15, had tears in their eyes on the day they were leaving. However, they are adjusting well since they moved from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Next speech

Mrs. Obama's next speech is scheduled for May 5. She will attend a College Signing Day event at The Public Theater in New York City to celebrate high school students pursuing higher education.

There is a long list of celebrities who will be with Obama on this occasion. More than 200 New York City high schoolers will also be there. There will also likely be other speeches that the former president and his wife will be giving in the near future.