Donald Trump's controversial presidency has continued this week in the United States. In one of his recent controversies, Trump gave a speech in front of thousands of Boy Scouts. That speech has drawn ire from critics, including Chris Cilizza of CNN and Michael Moore, the politically progressive filmmaker. Both Cilizza and Moore offered criticism of Trump in the aftermath of his speech from earlier this week.

Cillizza notes glaring contradiction in Trump's speech

Writing on Wednesday, Cillizza wrote an article at that reviews a lengthy list of what he called "cringe-worthy lines from Donald Trump's hyper-political speech" (July 26th).

One point that Cillizza makes is that Trump claimed that he didn't want to make a political speech "in front of the Boy Scouts." However, Trump's speech was highly political after making that statement, perhaps a factor that caused Michael Moore to make the comment that he made. Cillizza claimed in his article that 40,000 people attended the Boy Scouts speech.

Moore mentions Nazi propaganda film

Moore has often used his Facebook page to offer criticism of Donald Trump. In a post from late in the evening on July 24th, Donald Trump speaking at the Boy Scouts gathering is implied as being similar to Adolf Hitler speaking to the Hitler Youth. "Trump," Michael Moore wrote on his Facebook page, "using 30,000 Boy Scouts tonight as props in his own Triumph of the Will.

He called for their loyalty as he screamed one lie after another at them."

"Triumph of the Will" is an infamous Nazi propaganda film made in the years prior to WWII and after Hitler's ascension to power. The film, which was made by Leni Riefenstahl, is known for technical brilliance despite the the fact that it is was used to promote Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.

Riefenstahl was a German filmmaker who was in his early 30s at the time that the film was made.

Members of the Hitler Youth appear in the film during numerous filmed rallies. The comparison that Moore appears to be making, in referencing "Triumph of the Will," is between the Hitler Youth and the Boy Scouts of America. Moore called the Boy Scouts speech "Child abuse on a mass scale" and stated that he would have Trump "issue an apology to all of these children and to admit to them he told them numerous lies." Moore signs off as an Eagle Scout in the Facebook post.

In a more recent post, Michael Moore indicated that he will be on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Wednesday night, a show dedicated to political satire. It is likely that he will speak about Trump, though, whether he will reference the Boy Scouts speech or another matter remains to be seen.