Twitter users are punctual when it comes to the latest news about politics and interests. Focusing on the latest happening on Fox News' "Hannity" program, Kellyanne Conway holds two pieces of paper. The paper on the right states "Conclusion? Collusion" while "Illusion Delusion" on the other. Twitter user and journalist named Yashar Ali shared the video. This is a "go" signal for other Twitter users to get creative by changing the signs on Kelly's papers.

Photoshop galore

Kellyanne addressed the news on the latest happening, where Donald Trump, Jr. shared a chain email with a Kremlin lawyer on Twitter.

Other experts say that this is a crime he committed because he met with such lawyer. Here are some of the creative alternatives that Twitter users created using the clip from the video above.

Scott McLean mentions, "Kellyanne Conway is getting to the bottom of this, guys."

Matt Bush replies to Yashar's post, "Was anyone else wearing their sunglasses?" with an edited sign "Obey" and "No Thought Conform" on the other.

Twitter user Karla Marie says, "Someone made these flashcards for @KellyannePolls."

Persistent Woman shared an edited picture of Kelly, revolving the previous news about Donald Trump's "Covfefe" Twitter post.

The word "covfefe" sparked mystery and confusion among Twitter users, thinking that Trump might have made a mistake. However, time passed by and there seemed to be no corrections whatsoever. Approximately six hours have passed by, the Trump's "covfefe" tweet was deleted. Among the legible sources, some sources said that his fingers were too tired to type the words on his keyboard.

But other sources also mentioned that the word "covfefe" might be an anagram or chemicals from the periodic table combined into one word. Here is the Twitter post below.

A followup from the same "Covfefe" subject from Pinky.

Maybe a tiny slip-up

Going back to Kellyanne Conway's statements while holding the piece of paper, Yashar Ali seems to discover something.

Yashar mentions, "Actual KellyAnne Quote: What's the conclusion...collusion? No. We don't have that yet." After that, the caption is followed by an emphasized word "YET." Here is the Twitter post below:

Meanwhile, Kellyanne replied to the whole bustles of Twitter users. She says, "Apologies to the humorless. Kellyanne Conway Uses Visual Aids to Challenge Russia Collusion Narrative." The issue keeps becoming bigger.