The Congressional investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 Presidential election was tensed on Wednesday after the legislators planned to question the former leader of the Trump campaign and decide whether the Russian social network trolls were involved in the short-term electoral efforts.

Lawmakers to question Manafort

The Senate Judiciary panel intends to question the campaign manager Paul Manafort and send him, if necessary, chairman of the Republican Committee Chuck Grassley said. He said he and top Democratic Leaders Dianne Feinstein, California, tried to launch the Manafort Panel to challenge the implementation of a law requiring foreign lobbyists to register.

Feinstein's office confirmed they were going to ask him. Manafort will indeed be questioned for participation in the Trump Tower meeting last June, on behalf of Donald Trump's son, who was aiming to listen to potentially damaging information by the Russian lawyer against Hillary Clinton.

Manafort discovered a meeting of the Senate and the House intelligence committee, which looked at possible coordination between the Russian and the Trump campaign, for example, Robert Mueller, a former director of the FBI, who was named Special Advisor to the Department of Justice.

A close associate of Manafort said that they have not yet received a letter from the panel for any interview. The person spoke on condition of anonymity on the basis that Manaforth's relationship with the committee was considered.

The scope of the investigation

Democrat Adam Schiff, a computer intelligence expert, said his panel would like to see the use of Russian media trolls and whether they are related to short-term electoral campaigns. Schiff said the problem is something to be investigated along with an analysis of the Trump campaign data.

The legislators spoke the next day after Trump Jr.

released some emails that showed his willingness to listen to the damaging materials about Clinton y the Russian lawyer.

The display showed Short talk to a music publisher who wanted to find a Russian government lawyer who would apparently take Clinton's dirt as 'part of Russian government support.

But Trump refused to object to the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin when Trump said that Russia did not participate in the elections for during their long meeting in a summit in, Hamburg, Germany last week. Trump also asked whether Putin won his victory when US intelligence agencies were done.