Over the last week, Donald Trump has increased his war of words on the media. In response, members of his administration have been forced to defend him, including Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway.

Conway on media

It's no secret that Donald Trump and the mainstream media don't see eye to eye. However, recent events have taken the president's hatred for the press to a new level. It started last week when the former host of "The Apprentice" decided to attack the hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." First Trump labeled co-host Joe Scarborough as a "psycho," but it was his remarks about Mika Brzezinski that triggered the criticism.

Referring to Brzezinski as "low I.Q." and later "dumb as a rock," Trump even accused the female co-host of getting a facelift. The commander in chief then doubled down on his criticism of CNN, who recently retracted a false story linking the president to a bank in Russia. As part of his attack, Trump edited his previous appearance with the WWE to show himself beating up the CNN logo which was Photo-shopped on the face of Vince McMahon. On July 3, Democratic Rep. Ted Lei tweeted to Kellyanne Conway about the proper role of the media in democracy, and the former campaign manager was quick to fire back.

Taking to his Twitter account on Tuesday morning was Democratic Rep.

Ted Lieu was responded to Kellyanne Conway's criticism of the media for being too tough on Donald Trump. "Dear acting @KellyannePolls: Unlike Russia, in a democracy the role of the media is not to be "patriotic." It is to tell the truth," Lieu tweeted out, before rhetorically asking, "Get it?"

In a response of her own, Kellyanne Conway didn't hold back her thoughts while citing dead veterans in an attempt to smear the Democratic official.

"Yet, lately role of the media has been to retract false stories & fire liars," Conway wrote, while adding, "'Truth' = patriotic vets died so you can talk nonsense." Like the billionaire real estate mogul, Conway has also kicked her attack on the media and Democrats into high-gear as of late, as the White House has gone in full defense mode against those who oppose them.

Moving forward

As the rift between Donald Trump and the media continues, it appears that many of his critics in Washington are taking the side of the press in the feud. While Trump lashes out at the media on a daily basis, facing an onslaught of criticism in doing so, he's also showing no signs of changing his tune.