New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his family enjoyed Sunday on a Beach that was closed to others. The public is outraged that he and his family could be on an empty beach during the Fourth of July holiday. Christie closed the beaches to the public last Friday because a state budget was not passed by the July 1 deadline. On Sunday, he took his family to one of the closed beaches.

Beaches not run by the state were packed beyond capacity while Christie and his family had all the space they wanted on the empty beach. State park police turned away beachgoers at the main gate while the Christie family enjoyed the beach by themselves.

The photos

The Star-Ledger of New Jersey is responsible for taking the pictures and posting them. The photographs show the governor relaxing in a beach chair surrounded by his family including his wife, Mary Pat, their son, Andrew, other adults, and children. The beach is at the governor's official retreat in Island Beach State Park.

The photos prompted many criticisms, and Christie was mocked by social media users who voiced their negative opinion about the insensitive act.

New Jersey residents thought it was unfair for Christie to enjoy the beach when others were affected because the state government had shut down the beach because of a budget standoff.

Later that day at a press conference in Trenton, New Jersey, Christie was asked whether his use of the beach was fair. His reply was an arrogant one. He said, “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”

On Monday, the governor explained to Fox News that he is allowed to use two residences in the state. He and his family chose to use the beach residence for the holiday weekend.

In essence, he saw nothing wrong, unfair, or insensitive about it.

Approval rating

A Quinnipiac University poll conducted in mid-June shows Governor Christie has only a 15 percent approval rating. It is the lowest of any governor in any state in the United States. That means most people in New Jersey disapprove of the job Christie is doing.

Some say he no longer cares for the people. Some say his 15 percent approval rating might go even lower after the closed beach situation.

The governor's political future doesn't look very hopeful. His governor position ends in January 2018. Analysts say he has zero chance of becoming an elected official ever again based on the poor job he has done while governing the people of New Jersey.