The Duchess of Cambridge received a toy for newborns as a gift when they went to Poland. Kate Middleton joked about getting pregnant again with her husband. A journalist posted about it on Twitter as a joke but not for a child welfare group. Middleton and Prince William were asked not to add one more child.

Kate Middleton asked not to promote having more kids

Having Kids, a child-right organization director named Anne Green took the joke as serious and wrote a letter to the royal couple asking them not to promote population increase. The letter stated that the royal couple has a strong influence and should not encourage child births.

She added that the Duchess’ discussion about getting pregnant raises issues of sustainability and equity.

By having a small family, the couple becomes a role model and should consider economic imbalance in the world. The organization is an advocate of children’s right that when they are born, they must have a fair share in life as reported by the Inquisitr. This charitable institution is one with the Duchess in taking care of the young. In fact, she was given the responsibility to be the patron of East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH), Action for Children, and Kate’s Big Cause 2016 – Children’s Mental Health.

The Duchess shared that she wants to have another baby in addition to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

However, she revealed that her husband is happy with having a boy and a girl. Besides, Kate Middleton has a difficult pregnancy with her second child.

The eldest son of Princess Diana is happy with having a boy and a girl according to Life and Style. Prince William wants the royal kids properly cared for. Since they travel as a family the future king is cautious that their children will behave during official tours.

Hence, they hired an additional nanny to augment their official nanny with Princess Charlotte. The royal couple hired a well-trained nanny to help them take care of their little heirs.

Royal kids are ordinary kids too.

Incidents of tantrums and bad moods are common with kids and the Duke of Cambridge wants them properly addressed.

Understandably being the center of attention, he wants them to act like royals. Kate was seen talking to a mopey Prince George during Aunt Pippa Middleton’s wedding. During their travel to Canada, the young royal did not give the royal curtsy to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Being a hands-on mom and patron of various organizations is a very challenging task for Kate Middleton and to her husband. With two kids only, everything will be highly manageable.