While the royals are far from the stuffy brood they once were, they still have outdated protocols and mindsets on rules that are a bit antiquated. Much like Princess Diana, Kate Middleton is plodding her own way through motherhood and child rearing. Children should be seen and not heard might have worked just fine in the days Queen Elizabeth's kids were raised by their nannies, but that is not in the cards for Kate's Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Children should be seen and not heard

Out in the public, the kids are expected to behave as well as tots their age can, which was seen recently at Pippa's wedding with that now famous picture of Kate scolding Prince George.

It looked like George was being a bit mischevious or maybe a bit cranky when Kate sternly pointed him in a different direction.

Clean and tidy

When Kate, William, and the kids are at home they are just one small happy family. The kids are not expected to be quiet or expected to stay neat and clean. They play and even roll in the mud outside, as Kate wants the kids to be as normal as possible. The pitter patter of little feet running through the halls of their Kensington Palace home is a welcomed sound for Kate. According to AOL News, if there is one thing Kate's adamant about, that's raising the kids her way.

Of course, Kate's way is done with William's blessing as he didn't have a normal upbringing, so he looks to Kate and her family to fill him in on the way things are traditionally done outside of the royal realm. Kate's been someone who has put the old stuffy protocols to bed since becoming a member of the royal clan.


She's been a hands-on mom and William has been a hands-on dad. Nannies didn't play too much of a part in Kate and William's household. Unlike the royal family of yesteryear, if the kids needed a babysitter for any length of time, Kate's parents took over.

At home with the Middletons

When Carole and Michael Middleton moved from their old home in Buckleberry to a new estate just around the corner, they made sure there was not only enough room for Kate, William and their then future grandchildren, but room for the royal entourage that comes along as well, like the bodyguards.

The estate had the seclusion they needed so that Kate and William could visit without the paparazzi getting them in the scope of their cameras, reports The Daily Mail.

Kate spending time with her parents has always been a priority for her and as William became part of their family, he felt the same way. Now with the kids, Kate often looks to her mom for any extra help she might need with them, such as babysitting.

William and Kate are raising George and Charlotte by giving them as close to a normal childhood that their royal status will allow. So when you see George cry at an event and Kate give him a bit of a scolding, this is Kate doing it her way!