The “Baby” singer did lots of unthinkable deeds when he was yet a teenager. Four years ago, Justin Bieber was apprehended for defacing a building while he was in Brazil. He was allowed to paint a specified area but opted to paint a different place due to security reasons.

Justin Bieber graffiti case dropped after donating $6,000 to hospital

The police nabbed him because he spray painted an area not specified on a permit he applied for. Defacing buildings is a punishable crime in Brazil. The “Sorry” singer also committed another violation during the same visit.

He wrecked his hotel room after police authorities turned escort girls away. He hired the prostitutes that posed as escort girls to bring them to the Copacabana Palace. He was asked to pay $6,000 for the cost of the wreckage.

Recently, the graffiti Case was dropped after Justin Bieber gave out a $6,000 donation to a Rio de Janeiro hospital according to BBC News. Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend who was 19 at that time was kicked out after the incident according to Billboard.

Bieber was notorious for causing trouble. In fact, when he was 21-years-old, his neighbour filed a complaint against him. A certain Jeff Schwartz, Bieber’s neighbour filed a lawsuit against him for throwing eggs into his house.

He alleged that the singer also verbally abused his wife and daughter. Schwartz asked to be compensated in the amount of $1 million because the singer reportedly tainted his reputation as an online auto industry leader.

Justin Bieber's other misbehaviors

The egging incident was only the culmination of their altercation. It rooted days before when Schwartz asked him to refrain from tearing around the neighbourhood in his Ferrari because he was putting others’ lives at risk.

His bodyguards allegedly called him a “little Jew boy.” Bieber paid $80,000 for the damages he caused to his neighbor’s house.

Bieber was involved in various troubles with the law years ago. When he was 20-years-old, he was involved in a collision in his all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). He was charged with dangerous driving while on a holiday with Selena Gomez.

In 2013, aside from his Brazil graffiti case, he hit a limo driver on the back of his head and in 2014, he was arrested for DUI and his bodyguards were involved in altercations against photographers. Years later, Justin Bieber’s defiance of the law continues. He punched a fan in Barcelona. In February this year, he assaulted a man. It could lead to more troubles because the singer has a volatile and unpredictable temper.