President Donald Trump called the Republican lawmakers and told them in person that they should not leave the city during the August holiday without sending him the restructured #Obamacare Bill for approval. Trump placed the responsibility of passing the bill on the GOP senators. He repeatedly said during his election campaign that it would be effortless to repeal Obama's bill.

Trump statements on Wednesday came shortly after the Senate's health program failed, which led Trump to say that it's time to allow Obamacare fail. Mitch McConnell has shown that he is ready to leave the GOP bill and attend other issues such as revision of the tax law.

Trump urges McConnell to delay the vote

Trump encouraged McConnell to postpone the upcoming vote until next week, and he invited Republican senators to meet for lunch at the White House. During the lunch meeting, he expressed dissatisfaction over the Senators' inability to overhaul the bill.

However, it seems unlikely that the meeting will change the situation in the Senate, where McConnell has repeatedly failed to produce a bill that appeals to all his party members. Two distinct versions of the bill were blocked before they reached the floor, leading McConnell to declare on Monday night that he would resort to restructuring the Obamacare bill. This plan was also blocked, as three Republican senators moved against it.

To make matters worse, President Trump said during the meeting that he decided to remove and replace the bill instead of restructuring it.

Republican senators stick to their promise on Obamacare

Despite the mixed messages, it was evident on Wednesday that after the promise of seven years to remove and replace Obamacare, GOP senators do not want to relinquish their efforts.

Recognizing the fact that it will not be easy to alter the outcome.

Senators are not sure what to vote next week in the Capitol, and some remain unresolved. However, President Trump has sent Vice President Mike Pence and other officials to the Capitol on Wednesday to speak with the lawmakers. The senators who are openly opposing the bill are Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Shelley Moore.

Many GOP senators subscribe to McConnell’s suggestion to overhaul the Obamacare bill while others think otherwise. They believe that passing the bill could lead to severe consequences such as loss of adequate health care for some citizens.